The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Happy Halloween! This year we were excited to be close enough to dress up in a theme with the "O" family. We racked our brains to come up with something that pleased everyone and finally decided on being "supers". Here is the line-up:
My personal favorite - Wolverine. I have always thought Tyler looks like Hugh Jackman and this is by far my favorite of his characters. It was really hard for him to let his beard go this long (drove him crazy), but I insisted and he was a good sport about it and the hair.
Be still my heart - he is one handsome fella.
Darla was super baby. I know, lay-mo! But Mommy didn't get around to sewing her baby robin outfit (would have been cute, but she was happy to be toasty warm).
Catwoman was quite the task - but she loved it. We patterned her after the Michelle Pfeifer version (my favorite) and she really loved her gloves and her long silver fingernails. She looked way too tall and skinny though.
This one was hilarious. Ayvri really wanted to be a princess, so when I remembered that She-ra was the "princess of power" we had a plan. I couldn't help but sew a little 'padding' into the top of her costume and oh baby did she love it. The first time she tried it on she said, "Mom! Aren't they supposed to be bigger?" She was very pleased with her boobs and we really had to remind her not to touch. She looked absolutely darling and made us all laugh with her girly walk.
Brig liked the face painting on his costume and it took quite a bit of work (and glue) to get his hair to slick back like this. I was thankful that his costume was more like pajamas and he was comfortable and warm the whole time. He was such a sweet heart. At every door while trick-or-treating I would say, "Brig, did you say thanks?" and he'd say, "Nope!" and run back to the door to yell "thank-you" at the person (or their already closed door).
Kabe was the perfect Superman. He has such a handsome face and his cowlick was perfect. He loved to pretend to fly everywhere and was thankful that his costume didn't require face paint (not a fan of that). He was also very sweet and tried to include everyone and share his candy with Darla.
Here is our trick-or-treating gang. The "O"s were Wonderwoman (awesome), Captain America, Batman and Ironman. We were also joined but Bumblebee. It was so fun to watch them descend on each door and see the surprise of the people as they opened it to a literal herd of super mini people.
This was our favorite house. As we walked up to the porch one of the kids remembered from last year that this was "Mr. Alien's house". Sure enough, the door was answered by a very large alien man and the kids were all completely mesmerized. Brig was my favorite - awestruck he walked right up to the large alien man and held open his bag. It was so funny to see their reactions and I'll admit, I was laughing so hard I cried seeing the interactions.

We also had a super fun Halloween party with Grandma Horse who planned games and food and fun for all the kids. It was great to see cousins in costumes and get to hang out together.

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jackson said...

love your blog Toni and love your kids. They are so cute and funny. they always make me laugh! so so happy that you are coming home! Yeah! That's how the Lord intended it. Mommy's are to be home and raise the kids! Perfect plan isnt' it.
love you
Mom P