The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's a . . . . Girl!!!

That's right - no even Steven for the Petersen family. We're breaking the score in favor of the girlies! Although both Daddy and I expected it to be a boy (following the previous pattern), after a little thought we are so thankful for the baby girl that's coming. It will be fun to have the last two girlies together. We had our ultrasound and everything is measuring great, all the fingers and toes, heart chambers and brain. We even got to watch her play peek-a-boo. The hardest part of this pregnancy has been not feeling her move. Her placenta is in front of her and makes it really hard for me to feel when she moves. I was really concerned until we had the ultrasound and I could see how wiggly and active she is. It was hard to believe that I couldn't feel it, but I know as she grows that I'll finally be able to feel her. She is measuring 4 days behind our due date which pleased me since I feel like I'm pretty small. I've gained 2 pounds so far and just last week broke out all the maternity clothes since I couldn't button my pants anymore. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture. Kabe likes to ask me where the baby is and he's always quick to point out that the baby is down here (pointing to the lower half of my belly) and "this is just fat" (pointing to the upper half). He's the only one that's really aware of my changing shape but they are all excited about the baby. When they found out it is a girl we talked a little about names and Brig suggested "Juliana" to which all the kids agreed.


Jason and Michele said...

All your posts are awesome, but I had to comment on this one and tell you how exciting it is for me that you're having #6. There aren't many people out there who can relate with me as far as how many children are in my herd, so when you announced your news I was so excited!! Congratulations!!! Makes me wanna have another one! Ha ha! And we really DO need to get together! Maybe now that you'll be home more, we can finally do that! Text me! 559-1732

barrettandaudrey said...

A girl, that is so wonderful. I am so happy for you.