The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Brace yourself.
I realize that this blog is primarily a family journal where I chronicle all our hairy-scary-every-day real-ness, a record I'll savor when I'm old and gray and only have memories to keep me an inch from dimentia. Still, with all the cuteness and sweetness and joy of the mothering, there's still a girl here who occasionally requires the catharsis of recording - puking her thoughts out in complete dissaray. I apologize for the public display, if you can't handle rambling, I suggest you skip this post and I'll bless the blog with happy children faces again tomorrow.
This is me 2 1/2 years ago. That fat baby is Brigham. I miss so many things about him in this picture, but this post isn't about him, it's about me.

We went to the temple this morning. Early. It was lovely, although difficult to stay awake. I got some much needed inspiration. I forgot to wear a bra.

Hot water is my sanctuary. With the prego "ickies" that come nearly every evening comes the calming and distracting comfort of hot showers. I think I may have had a nervous breakdown when we lived in Emmett had we not had a hot tub at our house. I loved sitting in the hot water and steam, surrounded by snow, just talking with Tyler. Beautiful memory.

My Kindergarten cohorts shared a book at staff circle called "ish". It has lovely illustrations and is a really wonderful story about feeling, writing and drawing "ish-ly". When our financial independence day finally arrives I'm going to buy it for myself. It made my heart happy-ish.

I don't like watching sports on TV. All the hype of the BYU/Utah game had me almost wanting to care . . . alas, I don't. The players are like missionaries. What once was exceedingly interesting and attractive now reminds me that my sons are growing. I don't need reminders of that.

Shamelessly consumed 4 squares of a Toblerone bar. Why does chocolate have to taste so good? And why does naked juice have natual flavoring? That almost ruined my day. I mean why can't they just write the true ingredients, natural flavoring could be almost anything!

I have 2 huge boxes of fruit to bottle. Tomorrow is Sunday. he he. I suppose it will just have to wait until Monday (strategic picking time gave me a whole day to gear up for the blessed event).

There was a tornado warning last night. I hear it was a remarkable storm with lighting bolts close to 3 miles long. I slept through the whole thing (shocker).

Went to the OB for the first time this week. There's a lovely little heartbeat in my stomach. It's very little. It made me feel excited, nervous, relieved and happy all at once. Funny how a little whoosh-whoosh-whoosh can do that to you.

Read a funny comic the other morning with Tyler and now whenever I lock him in the bathroom I say "release the cragon" before he can come out. A little juvenile humor is good for the soul I think.

Learned something about short hair. When you shower before bed then in the morning your hair is really exciting. My kids wanted to take my picture the other day. They didn't know it could stand up like that - I was 6 inches taller.

My brain is slowing down now so apparently the need for random ramblings has ebbed. If you hung on for the ride you should leave a comment. How may people out there are as OCD as me and have to read to the end, despite the unintelligible nature of the blog post?

Peace Out!


Darla said...

Oh my Toni Dee! How I love your gutz. I think it's very healthy for you to talk about yourself sometimes and I love to get a glimpse of what is going on in your life. You are wonderfuls!

The Kelly Variety said...

OCD Thats me! When I post, I always have to tell myself, "this is for ME." But, I found your randomness easy to follow. . .is that bad?

jackson said...

Totally understanablesih!
I think I'm the one getting dementia!
loved it!

Jami said...

I certainly don't read all of the posts I start reading. If it's boring I stop. If I can't follow or relate, I stop. However, I loved this post. It let me get to know you better. It shows the everyday delights and "to-do's," and I relate.

Love you.

Nat said...

I have OCD, and I finished the post. How did you forget to wear a bra?! That is so funny!

Melanie said...

Toni...You totally crack me up!! I love your ramblings...and you know, sometimes it just has to be about YOU!! Glad you can take a minute and enjoy all the aspects in your life. I might add...yes I tend to be OCD when it comes to posts...I read them all!
Love ya!

Laurel said...

This is how my mind thinks all day long...a new thought every 22 seconds. It was intelligible. I think I won't cut my hair short just yet and if my kids even try to keep growing up I'm going to lock them in the bathroom, too.

Bridget said...

xoxo. So glad I am not the only one aimlessly rambling on my blog. Love you!