The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Petersen's by the Dozens

Family reunion 2011 was an amazing and somewhat overwhelming affair, with more Petersen's in attendance than have been together for several years. Since then we've had more than a few babies and lots of changes and it was so nice to get together.We stayed on a gorgeous ranch up Paragonah canyon. I loved watching the cows and mountains and enjoying the nature.
Baby Darla enjoyed the ranch house which was spacious and beautiful and SO convenient.
These two were peas in a pod and completely inseparable the entire time. They were always smiling and giggling and talking up a storm.
Lots of happy little faces and thank heavens this one warmed up to me right at the end.
Here are all 28 (or close) kids that were in attendance. Can you believe there are 4 and 1/2 more that couldn't come? That's an amazing posterity.
I think in this picture we're enjoying our treasure hunt.
Brig and Kiki are little turkeys, both absolutely adorable and they know it too.
We got to do a little shooting.
Believe it or not this is our nephew Jake, He towers over pretty much all the girls.
Devin plugged his ears with shells and made an excellent stand in thrower.
What a handsome cowboy.
Cards were played pretty much the whole time and Aunt Amber taught the kids a lot of new tricks (including 'lying' in a new game "banana sandwich" (BS)).
Fun on the quad was had by all, over and over and over and over.
Feeding this herd was a lot of work but the food was great. Too bad Dad got sick the first night.
Haleigh and Emilie are buddies at the head of the group.
The outdoors fun was pretty much endless. Every night we had TIRED wired kids.
I LOVE this chunkalicious.
The older kids are Great about helping with the littler ones which made it more fun for Mommies.
Water fighting.
Cuddle time.
Waiting in line for the horse.
Sisters, all but one. Lots of girl talk and enjoying each other.
Handsome cowboy water fighting.
Face painting was super fun and creative, but didn't wash off well :)
Princess dots.
Align Center
Piercing blue eyes from a little beef cake that is perfectly wonderful for hugging.
More painting.
This is the extent of Mommy's face paint creativity.
Align Center
Horsey horsey.
Cowboy man - again, so good looking! Love my handsome hubby.
What a cute barrel . . . . I mean boy :)
Somebody loves their Mommy.
Look what Caleb found.
I love the fish bowl look of this photo - with the fat cheeks in her head-scarf.
Sweet little imp.
Gettin' ready for a ride.
Lots of Mommy's taking lots of pictures.
Waiting, waiting and more waiting . . . who knew fences could be so much fun?
Beautiful not-so-little babies. Can't believe this girly is already nearly 8!
Hello Kelly, you are such a good and patient horse.
Water fun, the sprinklers were on the whole time and several of the littlest were constantly wet.
Sit tight and hold on.
Lines lines lines. We got really good at taking turns.

We had a great time and can't wait to go back. Family is the greatest - the more the merrier.


jackson said...

These pictures say it all! Kids everywhere and having so much fun. What a fun time with wonderful memories! I loved
it! Can't wait for next year!
6/27/12 here we come!
love you
Mom P

Oveson's said...

So so fun!!! Can I be adopted into the peterson clan...looks like you guys had a great time!

Jan'l said...

I love it ;) That was a blast and you covered it perfectly ;) Can't wait for next year!