The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Things.

Last night for family home evening Ayvri taught the lesson. It was all about how the Lord blesses us, but not always in the way and time that we want. She did a great job and used THIS video. I remember when this talk was given thinking "wow! things sure are hard right now, but when we graduate then that's when the blessings will come". Fast forward a few years.Things are still hard. Harder maybe. But the things that matter most are still here - even better as our little family has grown. Have we realized all the blessings I envisioned when I heard those words? No. But we have realized so many that I couldn't have imagined. We've been blessed in ways I couldn't have foreseen. And I'm thankful.
Most of all I'm thankful for the journey, and that I'm not making it alone. Thanks pardner. Without you and our herd I surely wouldn't have made it this far. Aren't families the BEST?!!!

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Oveson's said...

Thank you so much for capturing this photo and giving me a serious side ach from laughter!! Love it!!!