The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Elephant Walk

This little baby elephant is getting to walk and Mommy is in denial. She's finally getting a little fuzz on the top of her head and last week she cut 4 - yes ALL 4 top front teeth. It's amazing what teeth will do to a baby face.She's a mover and has learned to climb stairs pretty well, only up - not down.
When she pokes her little bum up in the air I always laugh. Even a dress can't slow her down.
She's a happy sweet baby and on her last month before the big 1 YEAR. I'm totally going to try to push her down and see how long I can keep her crawling.
She's still super petite and it looks really wrong when she stands up next to something. Someone in the store the other day asked me how many months she was. I told her 11 and she said, "Oh, my baby is almost 6 months too". I had to laugh, her baby was quite a bit larger than little Darlin'.


Melanie said...

I love Love LOVE these pictures!! She is such a little cutie! I was singing the Elephant March song from Jungle Book, while looking at her cute bum in the air!

Jan'l said...

Totally agree with Mel.. reminds me of Elephant march song too :) girls wore that dress at 2 months :) ha! Love that little Darlin'...give her kisses from auntie !