The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tink in years past.

As I was going through some picture files today I found this folder of pictures taken off of the Daddy's phone over the last few years. It was so fun for me to see what he had photographed I thought I'd share. I don't find it coincidental that many of the pictures were of his soft-spot, the little "Twinkers" and her many hazardous adventures. Remember that little top-knot? And the child has always been able to sleep pretty much anywhere.
Queen of the crazy hairs she's always been a bit fuzzy and such a little rabble-rouser that she usually has bruises on her face.
This was when she twirled a little too much and cut her head open on the fireplace and got several stitches.
Not surprising that Daddy took this shot. I'm sure he got quite the chuckle out of following this little bum around.
This was a mosquito bite. No kidding - the girl is totally allergic. Thank heavens we've moved to a land of no mosquitoes so we won't have to worry about this so much anymore. Poor baby. At least her Daddy really loves her.

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Oveson's said...

LOL!!!!! oh my it is amazing how those crazy things happen.