The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bright-Eyed and Beautiful

Guess who's 9 months old? Finally, Mommy decided a photoshoot was in order. Granted Mommy only took 10 minutes and can't find her editing software so here are the raw images.
Truly there's nothing to retouch on this baby - she's perfect. Everyone who meets her agrees with me on that point. Poor thing had her first ear ache this month and is now having another one, but thanks to Daddy we get through them unscathed.
Caboose loves to blow bubbles, make noises, sing songs and growl - boy howdy can she growl.
She's finally figured out how to sit up by herself, but still prefers laying around on her stomach or crawling after whatever is moving around her.
She is almost always happy, particularly if she has just eaten. She also thinks her brothers are very very funny and is so patient when her sister tries to carry her around.
She is a joy and an angel and we are so glad she's ours. We're also glad that she's sleeping at the moment and hope she wakes up feeling a whole lot better. Thank heavens for our Darla-doodle.


Amber said...

Ok.. so I have tried 3 times to leave you a comment.... so either I am not supposed to or keep being persistant! Ok, here goes... I love your blog and seeing your family on here!! I am blessed to have gotten to know you and your sweet family, even if for a brief moment. You will never know how much your sweet service and friendship means to me.. You left a huge hole in Emmett that can never be filled. Please stay in touch.

Oveson's said...

So cute. Oh how excited I am to see those cute little chops!! I cant even help myself I might just need to squeze her a bit too!! :D
PS Super Cute Photos By the always!!