The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Yesterday the sun finally came out and boy were we ready for it! We have been really missing the sunshine and were so thankful for a Saturday to spend out in it. We were outside pretty much all day and LOVED it!.
Yay! We're so thankful to have room to play and places to get dirty! The kids are still a little shocked when I let them go out and dig in the dirt. We had gritty bathtubs, but happy kids.
You are my sunshine - my only sunshine, has always been one of Ayvri's favorite songs and it's so fitting - she makes us smile.
Kabe was so curious and inquisitive about everything that was going on and really got serious about the baseball game. I love his questions (most of the time) and that he's such a smart boy.
The sunshine was good for all of us - lifting our spirits and revitalizing our attitudes. See here? Even Daddy's Spirit was coming through.
Ayvri is such a house plant we kept having to extract her from the house to get a little sunshine. Still, she liked doing her own little thing and wandering around the yard talking to herself (the child is always talking).
Brig thought it would be fun to bury himself with grass. Too bad the grass is still yellow and pretty thin, still he gave it his best effort and loved that I wanted to take a picture of him doing it. Thank heavens he picked one of the few spots that isn't covered in dog poop (I think more dogs than just ours like to poop on our lawn).
Ksenya loves to run - she always has. With those long legs she's a pretty good runner too and can outrun her mom, but not her Daddy. These two enjoyed several foot races and I love the looks on their faces in this picture.
Kabe likes to find treasures like this expired shotgun shell. He knew just what it was too. He was very serious about the baseball game and is such a good hitter he nearly killed me and his big sister both with a line drive (thankfully we both hid behind a tree right in time).
Brigham was fascinated with the baseball game, but he didn't want to play with the rest of us, he'd rather wait until we were doing something else and then put the ball on the T and hit it off and say "I did it!" and then do it again. He was so funny. He fell off the porch and hit his head pretty hard and then just took off running, shaking and rubbing his head. What a toughie.
The tall girly loves to climb trees, and is always so good about stopping what she's doing to let me take her picture. What a beautiful day in the sun! Here's hoping spring is just around the corner.


jackson said...

i love these pictures. What a beautiful family. i love the one of Tyler and Ksenya running. They are having so much fun.
I miss you all!
Love you
Mom p

April said...

Yay for the sunshine--I love seeing all the little Idaho Petersen beauties running around free. Maryn and Joshua are always digging to China--lately, though, they've given up digging and are forging through the jungle with their dinosaurs.