The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best Things

Becoming quite the young lady and very concerned about the world around her, Ksenya is always looking out for others. I laughed this week when on the phone she kept asking Grandma, "So what have you been doing? How are you?" She is a tender-heart and loves swinging in the trees outside, in her own little world.
I never know what this little man is going to say, he's always coming up with the most interesting questions and really wants to know the answers. He's also been diligent about being my "Nephi" lately and wants to help unless he doesn't. He can be a little manic, but always has a much needed hug and an "I love you" for his Mom.
What can I say about this little imp? Ayvri knows she can get away with murder because the world sees how adorable she is and falls at her feet. Even when she imitates her big sibling's horrendous occasional fits, I have to try hard not to laugh. She is silly and sweet and everything in between and she adds a lot of spice to our lives.
This boy is our own little piece of sanity - he's always up for a snuggle or a smile and lightens my load just by being. He's very easy going and fits perfectly as a much needed element of calm and joy in our family.


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I miss your monsters! Really, I do...