The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Eat More Chikin!"

I like Chik-fil-a. I like their business model (being closed on Sundays gets them major points). I like that their food, for the most part, tastes a little more "real" than their fast-food counterparts. I also like that they do these silly promos that are totally family friendly. For the first time this year our family participated in Cow Appreciation Day. We went with a friend for lunch and it was so much fun for the kids (and ok, for Mom too), that we did it again for dinner and EVEN Daddy dressed up.
Our Daddy is such a good sport - and here we are . . . our whole herd . . . literally!
Meet Princess Calf
This would be the "bossy cow"
Daddy don't take No Bull (he had to have horns and not ears . . . we were going for manly cow)
I had to - sorry, I just did!
Baby Cow got a lot of attention and ate his ears as soon as he got ahold of them.
And this is the little man we lovingly refer to as the "bellar bull" . . . he's a loudy!!!


Jami said...

You are hands down the cutest, most adventurous family I know :) I love the costumes--you are so witty, Toni Dee. Thanks for the daily smile you put on my face!

The Ovesons said...

Love the whole crew...super cute!!

Heath 'n Jeri said...

How fun! I had to leave my computer while I was looking at this post, when suddenly I hear Kodi and Gideon just laughing and laughing. Then I hear an "Aunt Toni" ha ha ha "Kabe" ha ha ha "Oh there is my best friend Ksenya" ha ha ha "Where is Uncle Tyler?" "OH" ha ha ha