The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution!

Last week was dance week and school consisted of various social activities and dance camp for the girlies. Even I thought Ayvri was a little small to be going to dance class, but Ksenya insisted and so we relented. It was so fun to get them ready every morning and see that little diapered bum in her leotard as cute as can be. My little dancers are quite the contrast

Ksenya was so very motherly about the whole experience and was the first so ask, "what did you learn at dance today sweetheart?" when we picked up Ayvri.
I'm amazed at how much more coordinated Ksenya is becoming (not quite the clutz she used to be). When I said, "show me a dancing pose" she quickly asked, "Do you want first position or tandu?"
Ayvri has no idea what "position" is, but she likes having her hands on her hips and really enjoyed showing me how to "kip" (kick) and "twow" (twirl) every day after dance.
Hm, one of these is not like the other. Seriously - my dolly is so tan and is now starting to freckle up beautifully. Tink is permanent lilly-white and fair fair fair no matter how much time she spends naked in the sun.
Of course, a week of dance requires a week of dance hair. We found this one online and it worked so much better on Ayvri - I've gotta find a way to thin Ksenya's hair. It is also not quite as dark in person as it is in this picture.
Ayvri only owns 2 leotards, Ksenya owns 4. This means that we had to trade back and forth a little (thank heavens they're stretchy) so that Ksenya didn't have to wear the same leotard twice (heaven forbid!) and we mixed and matched tutu's so they both felt pretty. Trouble is that now Ayvri wants to wear nothing but a leotard and a few of them are just too big for her. I do love to see her diaper bum and big pot belly in a leotard though - one of the cutest things ever!

p.s. great thanks to Miss Lisa who was an answer to my girls' prayers last week and gave them some much needed femininity training that their mother sadly lacks.


Heath 'n Jeri said...

I love that they are little dancers. Kodi grew out of her leotard a few months ago and informed me that it was time to get a new one last week. And I love the hair, good job mommy!

Rob said...

I can't believe how big Ksenya is getting. She doesn't look like a child any more but a beautiful young lady. Wow. That's really intense.