The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lemonade Anyone?

Last night we had a beautiful enrichment activity. Our committee had asked three of us to give a little though about adversity and making lemons out of lemonade. It was a great meeting and I left feeling uplifted. I just wanted to journal some of the thoughts that I had so that I wouldn't forget.

When making lemonade it's best to beat up the lemon first, roll it, pound it, squeeze it to get all that good pulp and nutrition into the juice and make the squeezing easier. Sometimes we have to be beaten, broken and bruised before we are ready for the tender mercies the Lord has for us. Charles Dickens said, "Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape."

I don't know why the Lord sees fit to change my prepared message when I stand up. I didn't intend to discuss my recent hospital visit and how the Lord used it as a really wonderful lesson and demonstration of His tender mercies. Still, I felt yet another witness born by the Spirit to me of His unfathomable love for me and all His children. So - today will be lemonade of the sweetest variety as I look for the Lord's tender mercies.

And kudos to the committee who planned a beautifully simple activity with everything we needed, a chance to feel the Spirit and be rejuvenated, time to visit and bond, and of course, chocolate!!!


Texas Schaacks said...

That was really beautiful, Toni. Thanks for sharing!

Cook Family said...

It was a great night! I love spending time with all our Sisters and learning from them.

The Ovesons said...

Love the thought...I amd going to put that one in the regiser...thanks for sharing. I think it is so true though it is amazing how you always are prepaired for all that the lord wants you to learn. Very cool!!

Marc & Becky said...

It really did turn out so good!! Thanks so much for speaking! You are always so good with you words and half just an inspiring testimony!! That's why I chose you!!! Thanks so much!!

Kristin said...

Wow that sounds like it was amazing. I love the quote. I am the Enrichment Leader in my ward and I am planning that exact theme for our August Act. I have an idea of what I'd like to do but I am having a little bit of a creative/spiritual block when it comes to this activity. Would you mind emailing me a little more info about what you did for the evening?
I would appreciate it sooo very much! Thanks Kristin

Erickson Fam said...

That was an awesome HFPE. I'm always amazed by the talents of the sisters in the ward. I too left feeling really great.
I've been writing in my joy journal and am writing about the big joys and the little joys and I feel different. I think all of those who were able to attend felt really uplifted!!
Thank you for your words. You really do have such an awesome way with words!! One of your many talents :)