The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Little Bear

Noah is our Little Bear - mostly because he LOVES bears and is constantly saying "Bear" and looking for one and most of the time he has a bear under one arm.  He is such a fun baby and I'm so thankful the Lord knew I needed him before I knew.  
He loves to make us smile and every meal is a show for Noah - he is constantly trying to find ways to make everyone laugh and is always succeeding!
 Something about this little face, and all his expressions reminds me of my Papa - Grandpa Guymon.  There's a twinkle in his eyes that just reminds me so much of Grandpa.
 He also laughs with his whole body - it's so contagious you just can't help but smile.

 He's very charming.  This is him sitting at the library.  People kept walking past and smiling and pointing.  One lady went and got her friend to come and see him - just sitting in his chair smiling at people.  He's always waving and saying "hi" to strangers in the grocery store and in parking lots.
 He loves shoes - he always has and will try on anyone's shoes.  He especially likes the coat room at church and trying on all the boots that get left in there.  He also loves to put on his shoes because he knows that means he's going somewhere.  He really hates to take OFF his coat and shoes when we get home.
 Noah spends a lot of time coloring.  Probably because his sisters do - but the only thing that he will color is a bear.  Every morning when we start school he comes over to my desk and says, "bear?" and waits for me to print him a picture of a bear.

 He's not always happy or cute - sometimes he's a total stinker, but thankful that isn't very often.  Even better?  There are so many of us to help him out when he needs something that he very rarely (read: NEVER) has an unfulfilled desire.  Yes, he's hopelessly spoiled, but it sounds way better if we just call him loved!
 He knows how to get what he wants too - it's all in the HUG!  This boy has mastered the hug and will run up to you and throw his arms around you.  It just makes your day.

 He thinks he's big enough to do big kid things and has all but abandoned the sippy cup.  He likes using a big cup like his siblings.
 Kabe can get Noah to do the funniest things and all of them like to take turns training him.  They've trained him to do special hand-shakes, to say, "I'm Batman" in a growly voice, to sing "I'm wishing" in a high-pitched Snow White voice, to say "attitude" and "Watch this" and yes - finally to say "Please" and "Thank-you".  Whenever I feel like he needs to learn something I just mention it casually at dinner and the next thing I know he has mastered the skill with some persistent coaching from his siblings.  I'm counting on that trick to work when it's time to teach him calculus too.

All in all we love our Little Bear.  Now if only he had a side-kick . . .  

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