The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, December 5, 2016

Missionaries and Music

We love our missionaries and they are always such good sports.  
Elder Beazer was on FIRE with the gospel and we loved having him in our home.  They never let us keep our missionaries as long as we'd like and we were really sad to see him leave.  

The Elders came around Christmas and Elder Wassmer mentioned that he plays the guitar.  We had to let him show off a little and we were all impressed.
Then we asked Elder Leland what instrument he plays.  He couldn't think of one so we pulled out the flute and let him have a shot at it.  Turns out Elder Leland is actually quite good at the flute for a beginner - and it was highly entertaining to watch him try.
Thanks for being such great sports Elders.  We really love having the missionaries in our home - and I'm so thankful for their good example.  They always teach just the right lessons when they come and while they generally bring chaos in their wake (what is it with kids and company?)  they always handle it with class.  

And thankfully - I think we only have one kid left to train in the "arms length" rule.  This was a hard one for Darla and Leisl who are very touchy and will snuggle the vacuum salesman if given the chance.  It's been difficult for them to love the Elders without wanting to love on them, but they are learning!

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