The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Christmas 2016

December was marked with a lot of FUN!  This year I decided to focus on spending TIME with the kids - so each day of the month they opened a game and a book and we played. every. single. one.  (ok, not EVERY one, we got a little busy once or twice and had to catch up).  It was so great to just enjoy each other and while it wasn't the most service-oriented Christmas (I'm already planning next year a little differently), I really enjoyed the time together.  
One of the games was a silly pie face game.  We enjoyed this one with the Elders.  Noah cried every time someone got cream in the face.  The rest of us thought it was pretty funny though.

Christmas morning is always SO exciting for me.  I am usually the one waking everyone up but after being teased about it this year, I decided I would stay in bed until someone asked me to get up.  I only laid there awake for about an hour.  about. 

Some of our favorites this year included "Ninja and Pippin" the guinea pigs (Ayvri's) and the girls doll house which turns out Noah loves just as much as the girls do.  

Here is my herd on Christmas morning.  We had church on Christmas this year and I didn't mind at all - in fact what a perfect way to celebrate!  We enjoyed opening presents before hand and then moseyed our way over to the chapel for some beautiful music and a timely devotional.  In all, I can't think of a more beautiful sight than these happy faces.  

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