The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, October 7, 2016

Big Boy Church Moments

It's a big month for my boys.  Kabe will receive the Aaronic Priesthood and Brigham will be baptised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints next weekend.  We decided we'd better commemorate the event with some pictures and some new church clothes.  Since Noah got a new outfit too we decided he'd better be in the pictures as well.
I'm so thankful that my boys are setting such a good example for each other and for their sisters.  They are learning and genuinely try to do what is right.  I'm also excited to have another member in our family and another Priesthood holder in our home.  I know that they learned by the great example of their Daddies, Grandpa's and Uncles how to be men of honor and integrity and I'm excited to watch them to continue to grow in the Strength of the Lord.  After all, this world could use a few more good men!!!
They are also the most handsome young men I've ever seen.  Those dimples, those freckles, those cheeks.  I seriously love these boys.

Even though they are a little farther apart than the girls are in age, Kabe and Brig have really bonded and I love watching them.  It reminds me of Joseph and Hyrum Smith and the way they defended and supported each other.  I hope my boys always remember to be each other's wingman.
They really enjoyed having their own photoshoot - something that they don't get often.  I also  had the best time shopping for a suit with Kabe.  He is such a charming boy and took the whole thing so seriouslly.  He especially wanted a "real" tie that he had to learn how to tie himself just like Dad and they have had several "lessons" on how to do it.  
 I love these pictures because my boys have inherited a love of hats from their Papa Horse.  Kabe is wearing a hat that belonged to his Great Grandpa Riding.  Brigham is wearing his favorite old, worn out "cowboy" hat - the one that he wore to the farm a hundred times and it reminds me of the farm in all of us.  Noah is just the cutest thing ever in his hat and even learned to say the word Hat when we put it on his head.  (after that I had to buy it!)
 I love that they all have a little mischevious in them - look at those naughty eyes, like they are trying not to get caught doing something.  They are all three big teases and their favorite target is their mother.  Heaven help me but they've got my number big time.
I'm so thankful for my boys - they bring a level of adventure of my life I couldn't do without and are a consisten source of laughter and love in our home.   

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