The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stolen Phones

My phone is a hot commodity in our house.  Even though it's "against the rules" to play on mom's phone and kids "aren't allowed" to sneak photos and videos - I quite often find these little gems.
This is our "splits" practice.  She's amazingly bendy for being a product of our gene pool.  

We're perfecting our duck face.  I still haven't figured out the duck face but it must be part of the initiation into teenagerhood.

The dred-locks indicate that this was a morning photograph.  She is the most notorious for phone-thieving.

Silly cheeser who never brushes her teeth and screams when I hold her down to do it.  She will probably need dentures before she reaches puberty.  (pretend I don't sound like I've already given up on her teeth).  

These two are both mini-me's.  And they are weird like me. 

Ok - they are all weird.   I love it - what silly girls.  

The boys are surprisingly absent in this representation of phone thievery.  That is not to say that they aren't part of it - they  just generally take ninja videos which are long and awkward and I choose not to post here.  

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