The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Activity Days Camp

This year Ayvri got to go on a three day -day camp with her church group.  They did so many fun things and I got to join them for one day.  
Here is the group - our ward's girls group is pretty huge.  

Ayvri has the cutest friends!

Why are kids this age so very sweet?

The facility was pretty cool - a scout camp with all the amenities and lots of neat classes and activities.

Again - the cuteness just never stops. 

This was on our botany hike - it looks like a postcard to me.  The plants here are unreal.  I've never lived anywhere that a FERN would grow in the wild like a weed, but it does here.  

And we found this little friend who is obviously used to the campers and enjoying his cheese because he let me get REALLY close.

Told ya - this was on my phone - we were inches from each other.

And then the lake.  This is a serious canoe face.

This is such a fun exercise to watch - nothing screams team building like tandem canoes.

And then the water.  Yes - she's swimming in a Lake in Alaska in May.  It was cold.

Her biggest problem was that she couldn't get herself back onto the dock in that oversized life vest.  Every time she wanted to climb out the life guard would haul her out and then watch her jump back in.  I could never be a lifeguard.

What's more girly than sunbathing? 

Sunbathing with your heads together so you can still chatter.

This place was surreal and beautiful.  Blue water, blue skies, green everywhere else. 

It was an awesome day.

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