The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beauty Shop Guys

Ksenya decided she was ready to color her hair.  I figure that's only natural since I was the same age when I decided it would be fun.  Rather than having her go off with an Aunt and come back fire-truck red (sounds familiar?) we went together and got some red for highlights and I tried my hand at foiling.
I had never done it before but I've seen it done a bunch and I think it turned out really natural.

 She was a little nervous - but brave enough to try it and showed a lot of faith in me.
 Good thing she's patient because I wasn't really very fast.
 The finished product was subtle and natural, but very shiny and added a little "oomph" and brightness to her lovely locks.  She was happy, Mom was happy and it was a fun bonding experience.
I decided to go with a little blond and thanks to the Daddy (who was such a good sport but told me he never wants to do it again), I came out nicely too!  What a fun thing to try together.  Having girls is awesome.

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