The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lucky #1

Look who's been around for a whole year?  First birthdays are always a little anticlimatic for me because for baby it's just another day.  Noah was a little ham opening his presents from Grandma though.
He totally got the concept of ripping paper and enjoyed every minute of discovery.
He was also pretty jazzed about the contents of said present and developed a love for books on the spot.  Before this he had no interest whatsoever but has since decided that reading and being read to is his very favorite thing.  He even has to have a book in his bed with him (a habit I completely support).

Happy boy with a thankyou smile for Grandma.

He enjoyed his birthday cake - but mostly just looked at me like, "Are you really going to let me eat this?"  

For a boy who doesn't get sugar very often he wasn't as excited about it as I thought he'd be and he certainly didn't make a mess with it like he does with his other foods.  

Still - he got messy enough to need a bath which is one of our favorite things.  Another one?  His scrunchy smile which melts me into a puddle every time.  I just love this crooked toothed little grin.

Oh my son, how could I have known a year ago how much joy and laughter and beauty you would bring to our family.  All I could see was my fear, my exhaustion.  I can never be thankful enough for the gift that you are - for this chance to relive all the babyhood I've mothered through and appreciate it even more than ever before.  I may ruin you for life by spoiling you completely rotten, but I'm going to try and enjoy every single second of this baby experience and be glad that it's not over yet.

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