The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy New Year

Look who got into the face paints and made us all kitties.  Noah thought his sisters looked pretty funny.

The boys found some fun of their own - what silly guys.

Noah is always eating - and is growing like a weed with those chubby little choppers. 
Leisl decided to be a mermaid for a day and wore her blanket around like a tail all day long.

Sweet big sister helped mom in the kitchen a lot.

See?  Eating again - this time little princess toys.

Playing cards together is one of our favorite things.   
Happy smiling little thumb-sucker.  I know I'm going to regret this later but it's so nice for him to soothe himself without any external tools.  And it's pretty stinking cute.

Sweet girls - these two are good buddies and are learning to share their own "big girl" space one day at a time.

Daddy is the best story-reader ever!  He does all the voices and loves to make us laugh.

Even with holidays the chores must go on.  Thank heavens we have lots of helping hands around our house.

And he's eating again.  

And sucking his thumb.  What a good big brother.  

Here are my blonde buddies or my "Wild Child's".  They are high energy monsters who need a lot of exercise.

Cards, cards, and more cards.

Everybody gets to play - princess matching.

I love these curly hairs - she is growing and becoming so very independent.  She doesn't like it when I say that she's a little kid.  She also still reminds me that she's my "weethot" and that she's my buddy and she's always asking for hugs.  

I love our little family and all the "home time" that we've gotten lately.

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