The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bowling Bash

The boys have been asking to go bowling forever so for their birthday adventure here we go.
 Daddy had to give a lot of lessons.  I don't think we've been bowling since Ksenya was 5 ish.
Ayvri had this great lefty stance that I don't understand but looked like a pro.

She also mastered the happy face, regardless of what her throw accomplished.

Darla really just wanted to do it all by herself.  We kept having to chase her down so she wouldn't run all the way down the alley.

She also thought the shoes were funny.

Another lesson - Ksenya was taking it pretty seriously.

What a group we had - all piled onto their bench together and as transfixed by the games around us as they were with our own.

Here's Darla humoring Daddy.  At one point Leisl - who is just as independent as Darla, threw her ball down the neighboring alley.

And more lessons.

Kabe was in motion all night.  I'm not sure that the game of bowling was as much of an outlet as he thought it would be.

 I love our beautiful family.  They had so much fun and I was glad to have one final bash with Daddy before he's gone for a month.
Noah hated not being able to get down on the floor (ew) and we had to pass him around to keep him busy.  One of these days soon I'm sure he'll be up wandering on his own feet but for now, it's nice to have some extra arms to help with the passing.

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