The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Little Leisl - Our Weethot

Here's a snapshot of this month with Leisl.  She is so busy and is a part of everything.
Sleeping while coloring - she loves to color and takes it very seriously.

She loves taking silly pictures and she and her sister quite often steal my phone for secret selfie time.

They got their faces painted by their sister - they are kitties.

 Leisl is no respecter of outfits.  If she wants to wear pajamas all day she will and good luck changing her mind.
She's also perfecting the duck face.

She likes to sit by Daddy while he works on the computer.  He's been working a lot on the site plan lately so this is a frequent occurence.

She loves to be spoiled by her big sister. 

She likes to help Mommy at the farm (which requires pink sparkly boots of course)

She loves dangerous piggy backs from her brothers.

She also likes dancing with Brigham.

I'm not sure what she's holding in this picture.  

So dramatic - playing out in the dirt in her fanciest (too small) dress up outfit.

And here we are again - apparently this is a very serious phone call (on a hand mixer).  

How we love this silly sweet girl.

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