The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cluckingham Palace and other Progress

After hours and hours of working together - we finally finished our Cluckingham Palace.  It is a beautiful chicken coop meant to house up to 50 chickens comfortably.  We started with 30.  They are finally big enough to lay and we love love LOVE to watch them.  They are such fun animals!
We've also been working on our playground and this little toy - lovingly referred to as the "Green Monster" will be joining our little homestead soon.  We are so excited.

Here are some of our lovely eggs - sometimes 30 a day.  What a joy and a boon to our food storage.

Here is the joy of our place right now - Daddy has hired a friend to come and help him build our dream playhouse.  We've talked and schemed and planned and dreamed it forever and here it is - coming to life right in front of our eyes.  We are all so excited (Mommy most of all I think).

All good things take time and work - and there a lot of good things happening at our house.  Behind the playhouse you can see a pile of dirt and behind that is a big huge hole in the ground that is gradually filling with block walls and will eventually become our underground greenhouse.  

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