The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, August 31, 2015

Arctic Getaway

We had the opportunity to take a week and visit Alaska - doing a little looking around.  Of course, Noah thought he needed to come along so the little man took his first flight at about 7 months old.  He was a ROYAL PAIN on the plane.  Longest day ever flying with this not-so-little turkey in my arms and fussing the whole time.  Don't worry, we got some tylenol for the trip home :)
We were blessed by the hospitality of our good friends the Folsom's and they helped us see some of the sights.  

We hiked around Mirror Lake.

We drove up to Hatcher's Pass

We hiked Thunderbird falls.

We went to Turnagain Arm and saw the whales (turns out our timing was pure luck because we got to see the Balugas and Orcas - it was amazing)

More at Thunderbird Falls.

Noah was a pretty good sport when it came to all the hiking and wandering.

We thought all the green was pretty amazing - check out the size of this very pokey leaf!  

This photo doesn't do it justice - it is a VERY steep cliff.  

We also got to go to the State Fair and found our new favorite hole to eat in (say it with me "Burger Gym"  - it's actually spelled Burger Jim but if you picture it spelled g-y-m then it doesn't feel so bad for you).  This moose was in the airport upon our arrival - boy was I thankful to be back on land.  I don't love flying over ocean!!!  

Thanks to Aunt Jeri for being the sponsor of this trip - I can't travel without her to watch my herd and know that they are safe.  Remind me next time that 5 days is 2 days too long.  

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