The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, May 28, 2015


This is Grandpa Herald's truck.  Tyler bought it from Grandma right after Grandpa died.  There are a lot of memories for Daddy of working with Grandpa in this truck.

Someday we might restore it.  For now, it's our farm truck.  It takes us to the farm and back as we check on the goats for Grandpa Horse.  

Funny story about this truck.  One day I was at the farm with Leisl.  We were just leaving and I looked in my rearview and realized I left a gate open.  I put it in park and told her not to move while I ran back and shut the gate.  About halfway back to the gate I realized, you don't have to hold the brake down to put it in gear.  I whirled around just in time to see Leisl, who had gotten out of her seatbelt, looking at me out the back window while the truck slowly rolled away.

I panicked, running as fast as I could to catch the moving truck with my baby inside.  I was wearing sandals and quickly they came off as I ran as fast as I could.  Luckily, or I should say blessedly, there was a little hill of fill dirt and garbage right in front of the truck.  It hit the hill and stopped, throwing Leisl to the floorboards of the truck.  She wasn't hurt (it was maybe going 3-4 mph), but she was pretty scared and so was I.  She'll probably be scared to be left alone in the car for the rest of her life.

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