The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crazy Beautiful Life

Sometimes I forget how beautiful our everyday life is.  Here are just a few examples this month of the wonderful things that happen all the time.  
Beautiful Leisl has discovered the wonder of bubbles.  She thinks they are fascinating and loves washing dishes with Mom.

How great is it to have a big brother that lets you sit shoulder to shoulder with him?  It's lovely to have small spaces that force us to be close.

Yay for imagination where we can dress up and have ice powers and be pirates as well.  And thank heavens for a pair of girls that have each other in everything.

Dimples.  Freckles.  Wild hair.  So beautiful.

And then there's this.

And this.  Oh to be so comfortable in my own skin.  He's so confident and fun and not worried about life.  I want to be more like him.

Dance parties.  My favorite.

Coloring is the best.  I love that I have artsy fartsy kids.  

Stories with buddies.  Books are another of my very favorite things and we have access to so many - what a blessing.

Room for everyone around our table - and a project to work on together.  At this particular moment no-one is fighting (bliss).

My creative boy building a board game based off his last read for his book report.  Doing a great job and enlisting his sister to play along.  

Anything can be worn.  

Forts are so easy and magical.

Yellow ruffles and bare shoulders - ah yes.

Matching clothing.  Thanks to a great friend who delivered a few bags FULL of twinner outfits.  I've never been able to do this before and I love it. 

Cutest pig nose ever.  My kids love the dentist and behave so well there (go figure?)  It's always fun to go - strange, but beautiful.

Cuddles afterward are also nice.  

Visiting Daddy at work while all dressed up.  Also - so nice to have a gentleman that gives me his chair and sits on the floor.  Some day soon I'll be able to get up and down without help again :)

Funny faces that are so charming.

Visits to Uncle Heath for chocolate and spoiling.  Being spoiled can be awesome.

Big sister is the bomb-diggety.  Everybody wants to be with her.

Look!  Charming Jr. has been working on his face too :)  

I love this crazy beautiful simple life we live.  So very blessed.

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