The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Picture Time - 2013

It's Daddy's favorite time of year!  It's time for Mommy to start laying out possible outfit combinations and I put the date on the calendar and everyone sort of holds their breath.  This year we went swimming just before pictures, then we didn't have time to eat dinner before pictures and when we got to the farm to shoot it was raining.  Shocking that we got anything good, but here we are in our 2013 glory.  Thanks to Aunt Jeri for being our photographer and such a good sport.
Family shots are always the funniest - looking at the different expressions and realizing it's impossible to get all 8 of us looking happy and natural (or looking at the camera for that matter) in the same shot. 
I love this one.  My natural tendency is to pick apart what is wrong with this shot, but to be honest, if we were all looking, or our shirts were tucked just right then it wouldn't accurately reflect the state of our family and the everyday chaos of our life right now.  This picture just seems right.  One of my favorites . . . ever.
Speaking of favorites - could my men look any more handsome?  How all three of these guys have my heart is something I wouldn't have thought possible 10 years ago, but man alive, they can melt me into a puddle.  Here's to the three best gentlemen I know.
And of course Daddy had to have a picture with his girls.  Seems crazy that we have 4!!!  They all are so very different and yet, in this picture they all look like sisters and are just as happy as can be.   
Here they are - my six littles.  Some of them don't look so little anymore, but they'll always be little to me. 
Momma's boys. 
Aw - I think they like me too :)

Remember the raining - hence my flat hair.  Still the day was beautiful and I loved the colors at the farm.

How did he get this tall?  Seriously - he isn't even 5 yet!

My baby.  My last baby.  I will not cry. 
Look!  A Tractor - they couldn't help themselves.  At least it matched.

(This is where babies come from.  This is the love spillin' over.) 
He he, look at Darla's face. 
My big girly. Starting to look way too old for me. 
This little one is always in motion and wondered why I was chasing her with a camera after she had already smiled so so so many times. 
 Must have a bum shot.  I like seeing how tall they all are getting.  Funny - Ksenya is taller by a head and a half, then Kabe, Ayvri and Brigham are all really close, then Darla and Leisl are almost the same height again.
Another perfect casual shot.  Guess what?  See all that yellow on the bushes in the background?  That happens to be rabbit brush (or bunny plant as Brig calls it) and it's the last flower of the season for the bees.  Here comes Fall. 
Brig thought family pictures was the perfect time to wrestle, climb and play in the dirt.   
Fitting that Leisl is the focal of this photo.  She really has learned how to get what she wants.

Yay for a close-up shot.   
Silly little face.  I think she was born to wear feathers.

After 15 years together (11 married) I still think our smiles match.  
I had to have a little fun too.

Sister buddies.

Super photogenic girls - one brownie and one blondie. 
Trying to get this line-up was ridiculous.  Every time we set Leisl down she would run away and then she realized that it was a fun game she ran even faster.  Still, fun to see them lined up - even if they are all sick of trying by the time I got her in the shot.
Handsome big brother rockin' his fedora. 
We found some farm implements to ride on.  Darlin' has found her cheese.

Ayvri has decided that there are two ways to smile - the full face missing teeth wrinkle nosed cheese grin, and this - a much softer much calmer smile that makes her look a little too big. 
Are we done yet?  Why yes we are . . . . until next year :)


Holly said...

I love, love, love these!! Love the yellow, love the faces, love the family! Still just as beautiful and happy as ever. Sure miss you girlie!!

Jan'l said...

Those are amazing ToniDee. love those monkeys.....sending lots of kisses and hugs your way!

Darla said...

I love every single pose! I love that you make time to take family pictures. ( I know that is a challenge), but worth it! Definitely worth it! I love each one of you! How I miss being your neighbor;)

Brandi said...

Such great photos! Good job Jeri. :) Also, such great personality. I have a hard time capturing the personality with cameras. Well worth all the time and effort. :)