The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, March 25, 2013

Scouts Rock!

I have finally wrapped my heart around scouting.  For the longest time I thought it was "extra".  Like "good for you - your son's an Eagle Scout, bonus points".  

I've recently had an education.  For the last 3 years my husband has tried to change my heart towards scouting.  It is the activity arm of the Priesthood.  The church spends a LOT of money to be a part of the BSA, Pres. Monson himself is still a scouter.  It must be important.  Then he taught me about what scouting does for a young man.  Not just how to tie knots, lots of camping and amazing survival skills, but honor, dignity, integrity, and a lot of other really cool things I want my sons to BE.
And still, I resisted just a little.  Yes, it's great, yes we'll support it, but I've known some guys who were Eagle Scouts and still royal jerks.  It can't be all that.  Enter the above happy scouter.  He really has changed my heart.  Since starting scouting not even a year ago he has worked his little heart out.  He is diligent and guess what?  It works.  Each time he gets frustrated and wants to give up I simply remind him "do your best".  He wants to be loyal, he knows what all of that means.  A lot of that is due to the AMAZING (read rock-star awesome) Wolf leader he's had.  This woman GETS it!!!
A lot of it is due to this guy (and Uncle Heath and Papa Cox) who are phenomenal examples and support to Kabe and who finally got me on board with the whole Scout "thing".  Oh - and doesn't my husband look HOT in a uniform?  (he'll love me for that later).
Here's Kabe's car.  He did 99% of the work himself and was so very diligent.  I even have the picture he drew in the planning phase and it looks just like this.  Seriously impressed with my little guy and who knew, after all that work he came in 8th place which I thought was pretty impressive for his first try.  Brace yourself world - Mommy is finally on board with raising Scouts!

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Mags said...

I love scouting! I had to pull my husband on board actually. He had a bad experience in his youth. He sees how much our boys love it and I'm their den leader. It is a blast!