The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, March 11, 2013

No "Kid"ding

Sunday we got a call from Papa Horse that there were baby goats that weren't doing so well.  He was really sick and needed a little help getting them to eat.  We went right out and I instantly fell in love.  But these babies weren't happy and Mama goat wasn't doing her job.
By Monday one of the babies had died and Papa said we could bring the other ones home and try to save them.  Only problem was we don't have any pens at our house!  Aimee said we could have her dog run and large dog house and I figured that could work so Monday morning I put my muscles to good use moving the dog run and relocating it to our backyard.  Then we went to bring them to their new home.
The first item of business was to name them and since Brigham and Ayvri were with me they each got to name one.  The little runt was "Hally" and the bigger, wrinkly baby is "Sally".  Both girls were having trouble eating and Mama, lovingly named "Mama" wasn't being very helpful.
After the first day of bottle feeding Hally she started perking up a little.  We had to tie Mama up so that she would hold still and let the kids eat but after day two they were eating on their own.  This whole experience brought back so many memories for me of raising baby goats and other animals when I was growing up.  I wanted the kids to witness and be a part of it and now I'm happy as a clam to look out in the backyard and see Hally and Sally doing so very well.  They are skipping around with their little tails wagging.  What fun!

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jackson said...

You are totally amazing Toni! Still can't believe that you built that pen by yourself!
So impressed!