The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, March 11, 2013


Darla got this new outfit from Grandma and when I put it on her she said, "Mom look!  I soo pretty."  She makes me laugh and loves being girlified.
She also loves her big brother.  These two have learned to play nicely together this year with Ayvri gone to school in the mornings and Leisl sleeping.   Each morning when I settle in to "work" in my "office" (bedroom) they have to play together because there's no movie to plug them into.  They usually do pretty well together and come up with the funnest things.
This particular morning they decided to take a "vocation".  They packed all their babies and mounted their horse and went on a trip to the kitchen to color.  They were so serious about it and made sure to kiss me goodbye and tell me when they were coming home.  I had to laugh.  What fun to have a buddy.  I love this picture because I have one very much like this of me and Heath when we were little.  Brothers are such a great thing!  I think every girl should have at least one!

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jackson said...

What cute little kids! always so happy to see me and i love that. they are adorable.
love them so much
Gramma Horse