The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prettyfied Girl

Darling Ksenya had a recognition night for activity days where she was supposed to display something that she had created.  We talked through a lot of different options and finally decided to buckle down and do what she's wanted to start forever:  sewing lessons.
We started with this dresden plate quilt block which she did herself - from choosing the fabrics, to piecing, to finishing and framing.  She really did learn a lot about machine and hand sewing and it is a cute wall-hanging.
She also played a song on the piano that night called "The Breakers" and did a good job.  My little wall-flower has finally decided to blossom and is not nearly as shy as she used to be.
One night we took a drive to wal-mart rather late.  It was just Ksenya and I, the rest of the herd was deep in the throes of remodel and we were sent to find something for dinner.  On our way there we had yet another discussion about piercing.  We told Ksenya after she was 8 that it was her decision and when she was ready we'd get it done.  

Well, some sort of spontaneous bug caught both our ears and hers came out a little 'holey'er than they went in.  She sat down and then chickened out, but in the check-out line she gathered all her courage and committed.  She cried a little in anticipation but once the first hole was in she started laughing.  I, of course, did the good Mommy thing and when we were leaving told her very seriously, "Now, YOU get to be the one to tell your Daddy."  I died laughing at the face she gave me, clearly concerned at Daddy's reaction.  Of course he loved it and she has been very pleased with her decision.  The next day Ayvri wouldn't stop talking about when she could get hers done.  Ah, life in a house full of girls!

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carly said...

What a cute story. Love her reaction to you saying SHE had to tell her Dad. lol