The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, July 20, 2012

Far-Off Friends

Our family had the unique opportunity to host a friend from Taiwan who came and stayed with us for almost three weeks this summer.  Ksenya got to attend a summer school program with her and it was such a cool thing for our whole family.
Meet Ariel.  She is ten and she is as sweet as can be!  She has one little brother so living with all eight of us was quite an adventure for her.  She was also excited about all the animals that she encountered living here.
We got to learn a few chinese words and customs.  She told us a lot of stories and asked a lot of questions.  It was so nice for us to be fortunate enough to get a student who spoke English exceptionally well.  We were able to communicate easily and that made it a lot of fun for us.
She wasn't a huge fan of our food - particularly all the sweets.  But she packed enough food to stay alive and we tried to find things she'd like.  Her favorite thing I think was the night we made eggrolls and I let them help with the rolling.  They kept wondering whey they call them egg rolls when there aren't any eggs in them?  Go figure.

She also liked riding the big yellow bus I think.  They had some fun at school and on their field trips and I'm thankful my kids had the opportunity to learn a little more about another culture and see how small the world is getting.  Now they can e-mail and skype and enjoy one another and who knows?  Maybe Ariel will come back for a visit!

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