The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, April 2, 2012

Higher Education

I have to record a most unique experience I had the other day before I forget. I had a flyer that I wanted hung on SUU campus. For anyone trying to advertise anything to college students just know that it is a royal pain in the patella. I had been putting it off forever trying to get it done when I was alone (ha ha, ha ha ha ha). Finally I decided to bite the bullet and took all 6 of my herd with me to campus. First I found a parking spot really close to where I thought we should be - ahh, fate was smiling and I was feeling good. I vowed to keep my cool and not use my redneck mama-shout on campus and we set out. I was carrying itty-bitty and holding the hand of the little Darlin'. The rest were trailing behind (and in front) of me.

If you're familiar with SUU we entered the Sharwan Smith building from the South side and wandered around the rotunda. Seriously? It wasn't that long ago since I was a student here and yet they've moved every office. Then we went upstairs and wandered. Then I swallowed my "I'm not that old" pride and asked someone for the office I was looking for. Then we wandered back down the elevator, down the long hall to the living room and into another office where we were told, nope, not the right office.

Then we wandered outside and across to the admin building. There we had found it - at last! Then we headed back to the car. On the way Darlin' decided she wanted to be carried and sat down on the sidewalk and refused to move. At this point the blondies started a lovely game of hide and seek between the trees and it must have been on the hour at this point because the walkways were suddenly packed with students.

Here and now let me admit I wasn't in heaven. Often I avoid taking all of them with me to public places because I like them a little more in private where I have the safety net of their bedrooms or at least the back porch. Still, I had made my vow to keep my cool and so far hadn't exploded with a "knock it the heck off!" yet.

It was at this point that the 'education' spoken of earlier happened. A young man approached and I could tell he was going to say something. I cringed inside. "Here it comes, another (insert naughty word here) is going to try and teach me about the wonders of birth control." Sure enough, he said, "excuse me, I have to ask, are all of these kids yours?"

Deep breath. This is the part my kids don't understand. This is the part that makes them feel like there's something wrong with our family. This is the part where the Mommy wants to rip into the buttinsky that dares challenge her beautiful wonderful brood.

Sigh. "yes, they are" (insert biggest smile possible so my kids know that I'm thankful to claim every one of them). "Well, my friends and I have been watching you for the last few minutes and I just wanted to tell you I think this is amazing. I've never seen anything quite like it and it's wonderful. You must be a great Mom!"

Somebody catch me. Seriously - if I hadn't been holding the itty-bitty I might have passed out. Relief filled me up and all of my beautiful, semi-normal children seemed to perk up their ears a little. I think we all walked a little taller off campus and I was reminded at what a unique situation I'm in. We are so blessed to have each one of our littles - and even more so that they have each other. I hope that young man's mother knows that SHE did great. I only wish I knew who she was so I could tell her myself.

And . . . . I might venture out in public with my herd again sometime. someday.


carly said...

What a nice thing for him to say! You ARE a great mom!

Oveson's said...

I am sure he has no idea what that little comment ment to you and your kids!! Thank heavens for people in this world that have the kindness to take the time to say things like that. Because he only told the truth but he actually took the time to do it!! :D

The Kelly Variety said...

You're right, he has a great mother! I wish more people wouldn't feel the need to "enlighten" me on my choice to have a family!
I think your words said it perfectly, "This is the part that makes them feel like there's something wrong with our family."
Nope, nothing wrong with your family - just something wrong with the buttinsky that MUST make a rude comment! (If it was just one once in a while... but, no EVERYTIME- It gets old.)
And . . . . I might venture out in public with my herd again sometime. someday.