The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Worst Christmas Ever

Blogging the last few weeks has been replaced by quilting in preparation for Christmas (and thereafter, holiday partying and recovery). Since we only give the kids one thing each year we like to make it a hand-made something that will last throughout the year. This has been a lot of fun in years past and this year I knew just what I wanted to make. The kids all have a special blanket they got when they were born and some of them (particularly Princess Ayvri's 'pink' blanket) were looking pretty sad. What started out pink is now brownish gray and grosses out the Mommy. It was so fun going to pick out fabric, just Daddy and I and finding the perfect thing for each of them. Ksenya's is green and turquoise (her new favorite colors) and has a very big girl feel to it. Kabe's had to be all boy and big boy at that. It was hard to find just what I wanted but finally I settled on camo with wolves and cowboys and turned out so nice Daddy wanted one just like it. Miss Ayvri got lots of pink and purple and sparkles - I loved that the fabric actually sparkles and she told me that we can call this one "pink blankie" too (success!). Brig had to have the monster fabric . . . as soon as we saw it we both said "Brigham". He has really stepped up his teasing game lately and the kids are always telling him he's a 'pest'. Silly boy loves his monster blanket and carries it around everywhere. The Darlin' got peach and pink flowers and ladybugs. I'm sure I'll wish I'd made it bigger, but for now it's a nice size for her to cuddle with and even she seems to love it.As for the rest of Christmas, I was totally overwhelmed. I cut out a peanuts cartoon from the paper that perfectly described it for me. Charlie is complaining of the worst Christmas ever, shows his friends all the things he got and says, "How will I ever develop any character when I get everything I wanted?"

We were spoiled spoiled spoiled this year. There were almost too many presents and though I'm incredibly thankful for all the love my kids are getting, I worry that it's too much. I remember how wonderfully simple Christmas was when I was little and then the years it wasn't. Last year was SO humbling and yet, perfectly perfect too.

I loved getting to spend time with our extended families during the holidays - finally being at the Christmas Eve party and enjoying singing with siblings Christmas morning. These are things I've missed the last few years. Still, my favorite part of Christmas this year was acting out the Christmas story with our kiddos quietly Sunday evening and remembering how simple that first Christmas was.

Next year maybe I'll send out Christmas cards (I just LOVE getting those every year - thanks to all who sent). My biggest holiday oops? I accidentally told my primary class that Jesus isn't like Santa Claus - He's REAL. I guess I forgot that my kids are an exception to the rule in that they never have really believed in Santa. Sorry to all the parents who had to explain that one. And on to the New Year!

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Heath 'n Jeri said...

I am so proud of you for getting those quilts done...I gotta be honest I wasn't sure you were going to make it. Happy Freakin' Holidays!!