The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts on Babies

We're now coming to the home stretch of this pregnancy. At 32 weeks the baby is now measuring (on average) 12 inches long and 4 lbs. I've gained 12 pounds so far and keep getting told how huge I'm getting so it must be for real.

This is where I get reminiscent. The other day my nostalgic mood took me searching through old photos. First I found one that I will not share here. I was pregnant with Ksenya. I knew very little about practical nutrition. I was swollen, I was puffy, I resembled another mammal with considerable amounts of blubber. No kidding - it wasn't pretty . . . and I cried.

Then I found another picture of me. This time I was pregnant with Kabe. I was wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans the day I delivered. I looked pale and a little green. I had been throwing up for months and was addicted to narcotics. It wasn't pretty . . . and I cried.

Then I found this picture:
In this picture I'm pregnant with Brigham. There were lots of pictures that showed off my stomach but I loved this one. I love that Kabe is chubby in this picture. I love that I had the energy to take my then three littles to the park to play for 2 hours while 2 good friends acted the part of the paparazzi and documented that wonderful phase in my life. I love Ayvri's chubby little belly in the background. (sidenote, I'm not choking him ;)

I love that my face is tanned and freckled and that my ankles aren't swollen and puffy. I love that I'm not wearing skinny jeans and that I documented my bustline before it disappeared.

More than anything? I love that my body is able to make babies and that I've learned a lot along the way. Now, I won't say that #6 is as beautiful as #4 was. But, I feel overwhelmingly thankful that we (the baby and I) are on the healthy end. I'm thankful to be blessed with a strong body that can have babies and that I know my body will recover from this latest and greatest stretching.

And I think I won't take any more pregnant pictures.



Sarah Ball said...

Here we are- in the home stretch! and getting more uncomfortable everyday. haha but so thankful for the blessings of motherhood. You are beautiful pregnant and every other way! Love you sister!

Laurel said...

I took only three pregnant pictures for my first four babies and promised myself I'd take them weekly if ever I was pregnant again. Someday I'll miss pregnancy so badly (I know because I spent two years doing so already) that I'll wish for photos and videos of little arms and legs punching me from the inside out. It's beautiful no matter how big you feel.

Nat said...

I can't believe you're almost finished! I love that cute choking picture.

...and I'll never take a pregnant picture of me again, either.

jackson said...

Our beautiful Toni Dee! Love all of your littles and am looking forward to the next baby girl! You have beautiful children Toni.
Excited for 2 more little grandkids!
Just love them all. They are all so darling!

Amber said...

What a beautiful post Toni! It is hard for me to imagine that you are looking big when you have only gained 12 lbs...:) That is the exact amount that I gained with Brayden and I had people tell me that I didn't gain enough and that I was hurting my baby... I was as healthy as I could be and he did just fine... although he was almost 5 weeks early, well.. you can see him now:) You are most beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and I know that you are an incredible Mother! I love your blog and how you post your thoughts and memories, someday I will be able to do that more, but until then I am so thankful that you do. I wish you all the best this year has to offer and pray that you and your family will continue to be healthy and happy and safe and that you will always remember just how special you guys are! Thank you for your friendship and know that we think of you guys often!