The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Different Kind of Adventure

After last weekend in Las Vegas Tyler had yet another seminar this weekend in Salt Lake City and after much deliberation about how much energy this big Mama has - I decided that some of us would tag along again. With Kabe getting baptized this year I wanted to him to see and feel the difference between Vegas and Salt Lake - particularly Temple Square. So, not bearing to leave the babies again so soon the boys and Darla and I joined Daddy for a weekend in Salt Lake.First let me just say - I LOVE OUR CHURCH!!! I was so impressed with everything that happened, particularly how completely kind and accommodating every person was for this Mommy chasing her littles around. No-one acted irritated by our presence or gave me the "wow, you have too many kids" look. I thought this was cool - at the family history center there's a great little play place for the kids with Genealogy themed activities. We enjoyed posing for this picture of us after we crossed the ocean and then they e-mailed it to us right then and there.
At the Church History museum they had a fantastic Children's exhibit - this cabin is outside and my boys thought it was awesome to see something like this right in the center of the city. Kabe insisted we go to the top of the Conference Center and see the gardens (he thought having a garden on the roof was the bees knees). I didn't get a picture but that was probably his favorite part.
Brig kept asking to go into the Tabernacle. Every time we'd go in he would sit down and say "when are they going to sing?" He loved the organ and can't stop talking about it and really wanted to hear the choir sing. We attended Music and the Spoken Word but had to go to the overflow because of noisy Darla. Still, the organ was Brigham's favorite part. We visited the Beehive House (Brigham Young's home) and the sister missionaries just doted on my little "Brigham" and kept telling him about "his house". In one room he saw a hat on the bed and said, "Mommy - that's my hat! Get it!". Funny boy.
We went to the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building to see the temple square from above. Kabe is pretty scared of heights and didn't like this much but Darla loved it. She just kept tapping the window and pointing at things and jabbering. I loved this picture.
Darla really enjoyed having so much attention from her brothers and everywhere we went they let her boss them around. They played kitchen with her here for quite a while and she directed the whole thing. We went and saw the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theater and it was beautiful. The re-cut version is perfect and I know that Kabe was very touched by the message (Brig and Darla were a little restless during the movie).
In the basement of the Museum there's an exhibit of art submitted by kids to the Friend magazine. It was fun to see the pictures and then they had this little booth where the kids could use a drawing program to make their own pictures and then upload them to a screen that was playing a slide show. Kabe was pretty excited to see his own work displayed on the museum wall. What a great idea! This was the only nap Darla took in 3 days - crazy girl! It lasted about 15 minutes.
There was a screen that showed international dances and a big mirror opposite. There were skirts and things for the girls to dress up in but Kabe really liked watching and trying to dance along - it was like the Mormon version of dance dance revolution and he was really good at it.
Darla was thankful to get out of my arms and get down and play anywhere she could and always had a following of people watching her cuteness.
This was a play garden/farm area at the museum where the lesson was all about the law of the harvest. It was a great distraction from all the "seeing" to have a place where they could do a lot of touching and playing and we enjoyed several hours of playtime here.
Here Darla is making dinner for the missionaries. She was so funny, when she finished setting the table and putting food at each place she went and found a missionary and tried to lead them to the table. It cracked me up. She is quite the little bossy already. Oh - side note - Kabe really liked asking all the Sister missionaries where they were from and he kept track of all the different places. I think he was pretty impressed and then he asked me, "Mom, when a boy goes on a mission can he have a girl companion?" I laughed - I'm sure he thought that would be a pretty good idea.
Of course one of our favorite things was the Christus statue at the top of the North Visitors Center. Both of the boys were so tender here and Brigham was so excited he kept asking to come back over and over.

What fun to have an adventure with my boys (and baby). After Tyler asked Kabe which trip he liked better, Las Vegas or Temple Square. He said definitely Temple Square because, "It was cleaner, it smelled better, people were nicer and there weren't any naked pictures". What a smart boy. The only thing that he didn't like was that there were still homeless people in Salt Lake. Hard to explain to a 7 year old why some people don't have homes but I'm glad that he is tender about it. It was also a good testimony builder for me. Sometimes I get complacent about the gospel and my relationship with Heavenly Father, but He is always right there to remind me how very blessed I am and how much of a responsibility I have to teach these little ones what is truly important.

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