The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Concert

Introducing my little prodigy's - the piano students of 2011. I'm expecting to add another one (or maybe two) to the class this year, but for the final concert of 2011 we put on a show for Grandma. I was so proud of my little pupils.
They haven't worked hard all year, and I'll admit I'm not the hum-dinger of a piano teacher I once was, but they ARE learning and improving and I figure, little by little, it's all sinking in and one of these days they'll just take off :)They are all so different in their technique and approach, and temperament too, but it's fun to work with all four of them. Ksenya and Kabe played a duet for this concert and it was so interesting to see them learning how to work together and listen to each other. It was also a good incentive since they could practice together and that made them want to practice more.Gideon is all about speed and really loves it when he gets it memorized because music just slows him down. He makes me laugh at every lesson, especially when he smiles at me when he knows what I'm going to say. What a charmer.Beautiful Kodi is so meticulous. She really works harder than all the rest of them put together I think and is so determined to do it right and a little fragile when I push her too far. She gives the rest something to shoot for in her consistency with practice.

I'm so glad that we can work through this together and that my kids have cousins close to learn with. I always wondered how Mom taught her own kids to play and now I think I'm figuring it out - one lesson at a time, however painful they can be. Still, it's so rewarding to see them enjoying the instrument that has brought me so much joy and peace. Play on!


Heath 'n Jeri said...

You are one most excellent piano teacher! I wouldn't trade you for anyone. :)

Oveson's said...

Super cute students and amazing piano bad they have not invented teliportation or I would send mine