The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Return to Motherhood

YAY! I put in my last day at work just before Thanksgiving and have spent the last week in utter bliss. I get up and get my big kids off to school, then I send Daddy to work and I stay home with the little ones. It is the perfect set-up. I have so much more appreciation for being full-time Mom now and have missed so much the gender roles that we are supposed to play. Daddy is happier going to work and I'm happier staying home and the kids are all happier because Mom and Dad are happier. Heavenly Father's plan is perfect and I'm happy that we decided to put ourselves back in order. Hip Hip Hooray for Mommyhood.


Heath 'n Jeri said...

I would like to second the "Hip Hip Hooray for Motherhood"! I am so glad that your family is happier, it makes the world much better.

barrettandaudrey said...

I am glad you get to be home, you are such a good Mom! Your kids are beautiful.

Jami said...

So happy for you. You are a wonderful Mom and seem to LOVE the home role, which is contagious for everyone. :) Excited to see what adventures awaits the Petersen family now that Mom is back.