The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Always Remember . . .

Dear Ksenya,
On Saturday, June 25th, 2011, our family celebrated a choice occasion as you made sacred covenants with your Heavenly Father in baptism. It was a beautiful experience for the entire family and there was not a dry eye in the house at the end. Many friends and family were able to attend. Uncle Heath spoke on Baptism, Aunt Sarah talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we sang "I Like to Look for Rainbows" and "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus".
This was the picture on the cover of the program. We had talked about what the Holy Ghost or the Spirit would feel like and I told you that to me it felt like a hug. I told you that just like hugs from Mom or other people we love can cheer us up, make us feel safe, and help us overcome our fears and sadness, the Spirit can do all that and more, all the time, even when we're alone.
You and your Daddy were quite the cute pair in all white. You were so sweet as the two of you practiced for the ordinance, you knew how important it was that it was done just right and you made sure you asked every question. Your Daddy was so gentle with you and so very proud of you. You were his first opportunity to baptize which made it extra special.
After you came out of the water you hurried rather quickly up the steps and into the bathroom with me. Once you got into the bathroom and out of sight of everyone else you just stood there giggling. You had the happiest look on your face. You were glowing - just beaming and I've never seen you so happy in your life. We just stood there laughing and hugging (you all wet). Then we had to get you looking perfect. You made sure every little hair was in place and all your special jewelry was just right. You looked like an absolute angel. You went back in and played a beautiful piano duet with me. We played, "I Feel My Savior's Love" and you didn't miss a note. It was like you weren't even nervous. Then you received the gift of the Holy Ghost at the hand of your Daddy, Grandpa's and a few Uncles. Your Grandpa's were witnesses.
Ksenya, we are all so very thankful for you. You are such a great example to your little brothers and sisters and such a good helper for Mommy and Daddy. You are so sweet and so earnest. You have worked so hard to be ready for this day and I know that, although small, you really do have a budding testimony of the gospel and of Heavenly Father's plan. We are so proud of you!

The next day in church the chapel was full to overflowing. We arrived a little late and had to sit in the very very back. The Bishop stood and asked you to come forward to be recognized as the newest baptism in the ward. The minute he said your name you literally floated down the aisle at a half skip-half run. It was so lovely to watch you go - you looked like a little angel or a butterfly, just floating up to the stage. You smiled that overjoyed smile for the whole congregation and I was surprised at how NOT shy you acted. My baby girl is growing up and you are a lovely little lady.

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jackson said...

What a beautiful way to remember one of the most important days of Ksenya's life. She looked absolutely lovely. The Spirit was so strong and I was so proud of her Dad. What a special man Tyler is and a very special mom.
Your efforts are a testiment of this day.
Thanks for sharing the most important thing on this earth with your children. The Gospel
love you all
Mom P