The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Escapes

Remember last year's Family Reunion? Well, this year we didn't get to attend the Guymon Reunion so we had a pity party camping trip instead. We went to our favorite free campsite (Yankee Meadows) and let the kids get as dirty and wet as they could. It was short, but sweet, and a good reminder of how much work camping is. It was also nice to be there with a Daddy this year and everything this summer has reminded me how thankful I am that he's NOT in Mexico.
Tell and Brig - watched the bigger boys do some mud painting and then did their own. It was so funny to watch them stand staring at each other like little mirror images. These two are the height of entertainment.
Gideon was trying to wash his stomach without immersing in the water that had cooled off a little. It was funny to watch him do pushups in it and then stand up and rub.
Kabe of course never does anything half way. He was so pleased with himself this time until he realized that he'd have to wash it off in the creek too. Daddy helped with the washing.
Silly camping faces. This is the look I get a lot lately when Ksenya gets a camera in her face. I'll be honest - not the most flattering, but it's reality and looks a LOT like many pictures of me her age.
She's awfully cute from behind with those long legs and muddy bum though. She really enjoyed all the water play and I enjoyed watching her be a little girl instead of trying to be so grown up.
Aunt Aimee giving Darla her first botany lesson. It looks serious. Let's not disturb them.
Align CenterGiada perfected her "evil laugh" whilst teasing Uncle Heath (resting in a hammock) with a fishing pole. She did this of her own accord and had only minimal help from Aunt Toni.

Funny, funny boys. We nicknamed them "thing 1 and thing 2". Fitting.
This is us when we got in the car on the way home - still on the sugar and adrenaline rush from the big adventure.About 5 minutes down the road this was the picture. Big fun makes for a big crash and they all bit the dust completely to make for a nice quiet drive home.
Baby girl was so excited when Mom finally decided to let her play in the dirt.
Happy Aunt Jeri stylin' in her new hat. I think I have a picture of her like this at every trip. Just happy to be here.

Till next year - the camping fun is probably over.

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