The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Relocation

We're crossing our fingers that this is our last move (as in, to a new town, not to a new house). I know this is the most lame thank-you ever, but we could not have made this move without our incredible Emmett family! From the Cinderella who cleaned all my carpets, to the angel of mercy who came and picked up my kids, to the dear friend who did my ironing, to the wonderful couple who were the perfect hosts our last night in Idaho. Seriously - I think we just moved from Zion and when we get the chance to go and visit the town will be gone - translated. Another huge thanks to my brother who flew himself to Idaho to drive the big bad moving truck all the way home. Heath you rock! Promise I won't make you do that again . . . maybe.
Brigham enjoyed stuffing his oranges into a water bottle and then trying to fish them out to eat them. Food was the coping strategy for this trip and it seemed to work.

Darla did nothing but smile for the first 12 hours of the trip. After that it was no fun at all and she just wanted out of her seat. Took a few days for her to get back on schedule but I couldn't have asked for a more patient baby.
Ayvri is just like her mother - she can sleep literally anywhere and in the strangest positions. She was quite the crack-up and kept asking when we were going to move again. It took her about 2 weeks to figure out that we really are staying at Grandma's for a while.The big K's got to ride with Uncle Heath in the truck and thought it was the greatest thing ever. They learned some fun camp-type songs and were very entertained. Favorite laffy taffy joke of the trip? "What do you get when you pick your nose?" . . . . . "Boogers". Kabe is still laughing.Here are the handsome men of the journey taking a pit stop. Thankfully there was no automotive difficulty although I hate pulling a trailer - something inevitably doesn't ride right and there's always constant readjusting and re-evaluating of the load. In all, we miss our beautiful Emmett, but are thankful to be back in the heart of our families and in the place we grew up, the place where we met and the place where we started this little family of ours. It's good to be "home".

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