The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Story of the 4 Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were four little pigs. On a lovely spring day they begged their mother to let them go out and roll in the soft green grass and lay in the sun and watch for clouds to gallop across the sky. Their mother, who was as sweet and gentle as all mother pigs, sent them to enjoy the day together. Then she grabbed her camera and went to spy on them.She looked on the grass but they were not there. She looked in the climbing tree, on the homemade seesaw, she looked in the hide-out in the haystack, but she could not find her little pigs. Then she saw a little pig-made river and followed it to it's source - the standpipe. There she found her little pigs splashing and wading and giggling.
The little pigs were enjoying themselves so much that she decided to let them have their day.
Hearing their giggles made her giggle too and they all stood around laughing together.
For a very long time. Finally the mother pig asked for individual portraits of her little piggies so she could remember the fun they had and that the sun does actually shine in their new home.
Sassy pig made mud fashionable, paired with her capris that she's been waiting all winter to wear.
Wild pig found that his mohawk stood a little stiffer with a little mud mixed in and was, in the mother's opinion, the one responsible for the game to begin with.
Sweet sister pig worried herself sick that they were all going to be in terrible trouble and the relief at seeing a laughing mother pig was almost more than she could bear. She was the responsible piggy who insisted they all take off their shoes before wading around in the mud.
It was hard to find the small pig-man but mother finally located him under quite the mud-face. He enjoyed the fun so much that mother pig will probably be cleaning mud from his ears, eyes and nose for several more days (it's already been 3).
When the game was done and the piggies came in the house mother made them line up for another picture. The littlest pig-man was in fine form and enjoyed so much the attention he got from his pig-siblings that he didn't want it to end.
Yet, in order to come home the mother pig insisted on clean piggies. This meant stripping them all to their undees and spraying them down with the hose (the water was very cold) while they screamed and ran around. After baths the piggies were all very tired, so much so that the littlest pig-man fell asleep naked on the floor before his jammies could be found. They all slept well and were thankful to have had so much mud fun (it rained again the next day).


Jami said...

This. Is. Adorable! I am laughing my head off. I can just see--in several years--each one of those pictures in their future wedding videos. That thought got me all sentimental.

I love your happy, beautiful, mud-splattered children.

Sarah Ball said...

oh my! I am on the floor! these are hilarious and I loved the narrative! haha what cute little piggies! now can you please bring the piggies to see their auntie that misses them so much! Brig is a hoot! I can't even believe how dirty he is!

Jan'l said...

That is so awesome! What a good mother pig you are.. and such adorable muddie piglets. I love that story! ;) A good laugh for me and missing those dirty pigs!