The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lucky Love Languages

St. Patricks day was the perfect time for pictures as we all looked down-right dandy. A few years ago I read a book about the five love languages. It was interesting and insightful and the older the kiddos get the better I understand their languages. I'm so thankful to have very loving littles who know how to love their Mommy too.Ksenya's language is gifts. The child has always loved to get presents - and has always loved to give me things. As a toddler she'd wrap up her toys in her blankets and bring them to me to open. She's far from spoiled but really appreciates a well-placed gift and for the most part values gifts she's been given and takes care of her things. She's always coming up with things to make to give to her friends at school to show them she cares.
Kabe is always about quality time. If it's playing baseball or chess (his latest thing), the kid just wants time. He loves to be talked to, read to, listened to and played with. He can tell (not so funny) knock-knock jokes for hours at a time and laugh himself silly. The other day after the rain we went out to catch worms. He thought it was the greatest game and it was so fun to wander around in the rain getting muddy with him.
This girl is a HUGGER. In her prayers she'll say how thankful she is for hugs and when I ask her if she knows I love her she always says, "Yes, cuz you give me lots of hugs". If she's ever in trouble or sad the first thing she'll ask for is a hug and she loves to pass hugs around to her brothers and sisters. As touchy-feely as her Mama used to be, this one is all about the hugs.
Brigham's love language is probably still food. He loves to be hugged when he's in the mood, loves to wrestle and push and be wild and silly. He's not too big on presents yet unless they are edible and is clueless to acts of service. As he gets older I'm sure I'll come to know his language better but for now, as long as the boy is fed and gets enough sleep he's a happy camper.
Darla gets more love than she can handle most of the time. She looked so sweet this day with a bow on her head I think I'll try it more often, although the second she realized it was there she ate it and I had to intervene. I can't believe how she's growing and we all love loving on our baby girl.

Side-note. I didn't get a picture of the Daddy & Mommy in their green, but our languages are very similar. We are both all about quality time and acts of service. I'm so glad we speak the same language and it's fun to learn how to "speak" love to our kids.


jackson said...

I love you kids so much! They are beautiful, what a cute blog you have. I love them all in green!
Love you
mom p

Rob said...

Hey Kabe! We'll have to play chess the next time you are down! Its my favorite game in the world. I love it. I collect chess sets too and I have them from many different countries, we can play on the different boards if you want.
Toni, as always, cute kids, and thanks for having them so evenly spaced, I have adorable models of every size :)