The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, February 4, 2011


The last month has been difficult. I've been waging personal battles and winning a few of them. Recently I've come to appreciate two things that give me a sense of "Me". They might seem strange but I'm very grateful for them and want to document them. Maybe someday when my girls are struggling they'll find a little of them in these things too.
The first is the baby. Mothering an infant is labor-intensive. I've always enjoyed and appreciated it. Perhaps because I'm fairly certain this is our last baby I am more aware of every wonderful minute of her. Every smile and every tear and every sound she makes, the way her lips are shaped and the way she holds her feet straight up. I am defined by my Motherhood and I love it. Don't mind the wrinkles - it felt wrong to photoshop them out of this picture.

The second is ennobling media. Our Stake President challenged us to find "ennobling" content to spend our time on. This translated into me determining to read something "ennobling" each month. January - "A Tale of Two Cities". I had tried to read it before and given up, lacking the determination and energy to get into the language of it. I'm so glad that I tried again - it is an amazing book, beautifully written and definitely "ennobling". I feel smarter and better for reading it.

I might not be winning all my battles right now, but I'm finding peace and progress where I can.


Amber said...

Those aren't wrinkles, Toni.. they are smile lines:) besides.. I don't know what you are talking about... I see nothing but inner and outer beauty!

You are an AMAZING mom and I love your simple views on life! Keep that beautiful smile going and I hope you have a blessed week!

Jami said...

First of all: You. Are. Gorgeous. Seeing you with your little baby looking so happy is wonderful. I know things have been tough lately but you're still here and more beautiful than ever!

Secondly, A Tale of Two Cities is my Ultimate. Favorite. Book. Ever. It was tougher for me to get through the middle-ish of but once I finished (tears streaming down my face) it never left me. It's about time for me to re-read it.

Love you.

Oveson's said...

Love this photo....might I say that you are going to have the best smile wrinkles when you get older. I always think it is so fun to look at cute old couples and see if they have really good smile wrinkles. What's funny is you can always tell how happy they were during there life. So I have decided if you are going to have wrinkles let it be some awesome smile wrinkles so no one wonders how happy you are!!! You two are so cute!!!