The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Grin!

Just a little bunch of gladness, just a little pack of glee!
In this world no hint of sadness or of trouble can you see.
Life is feasting; life is laughter, and a tickling of the chin.
Never mind what follows after have your dinner now and grin.
Lovely baby, shake your rattle, as I'm bending over you.
There'll be time enough for battle and the things which grownups do.
There'll be time enough to hurry after things you want to win,
Time enough for care and worry - have your dinner now and grin.

Oh, it's good to hear you cooing at the breaking of the day;
Good to look at you reviewing all the folks who come your way;
Good to see you know your mother as she brings your sister in,
And your father and your brother, and it's good to see you grin.

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