The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Entertainment!

Our ward activity was an evening of entertainment and it was incredible! I'm so thankful for every person who participated, especially those pinch hitters that filled in and watched our kids while Tyler and I ran around like crazy people!This was our Hannah Montana "Hoedown Throwdown" It was a really cute western line dance.
This might have been my kids' favorite one - synchronized swimming done to the tune of
"Kiss the Girl" from the little mermaid.
Introducing "The Betty Rockers" . . . three very talented women with a beautiful musical sound! Can't wait to get their first CD - you guys are the bomb!
This is a member of our Bishopric doing his very own Riverdance. I was so impressed, we'll be looking for an encore performance. There were so many other great performances but these were my favorite pictures. I'm truly thankful to be part of such a fun ward and for all the people who go out of their way to serve in big and little ways.


Holly said...

This looks like it was so fun!! So sad I wasn't there...

Oveson's said...

Tons of fun!! It always feels so good when you are finished with an activity like that and it looks like it was a great time!!

Heath 'n Jeri said...

How fun!!

jackson said...

I can just imagine you and Tyler running around trying to get everyone ready. How fun for you! You are so talented Toni. so great that you share it with so many!
Love you
Mom P
ps-did you get the addresses you needed. i was so busy that day, can't even remember if I sent them to you!!!