The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've often wondered why parents always seem to take matters into their own hands when teeth pulling is concerned - I mean it comes out by itself, and yet we all have memories of horrific teeth pulling. Well now I know. It's because the second the tooth comes loose it's a constant barrage of "Mom, feel my tooth". "Mom - my tooth hurts". "Mom - I can't eat my vegetables because it hurts my tooth". "Mom, will you brush for me - carefully?" Finally Sunday night I'd had enough - that and the gums were starting to look a little gray which had me slightly concerned (cut me some slack, the last time I dealt with tooth loss I was the one losing). So I held her down with pliers, she screamed and we tried dental floss, she screamed more (this is the child who cannot tolerate the least bit of pain). Finally I remember the apple trick. I persuaded her to take a big bite and then said "close your eyes" and swiftly ripped the apple out of her mouth. The tiniest tooth I've ever seen came out with it and my girl decided that Mom was her hero (the difference between villain and hero is sometimes not that great). It is a momentous occasion - the first baby tooth in the Petersen household to hit the floor. Now we have a running debate . . . "Is the tooth fairy real?" Kabe is determined it's fiction, but there's still that money under the pillow business to explain. I'm sure we'll come to the truth of the matter eventually but for now it's so fun listening to them debate it (calmly and rationally of course) that I just don't think I'm ready to step in with the reality check quite yet. So here she is in all her toothless glory:
I love my girl!


Shana Lynn said...

Wow!! That's quite the process!!! I always thought it would be exciting to have my kids loose their teeth, now I'm kind of rethinking that. lol!! Glad you finally managed to get it out, I remember that apple trick for my kids!!!

Heath 'n Jeri said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe the moment of losing teeth is here. And yes she looks gorgeous even with one tooth missing! Love her!!