The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Boy

This is my boy. Remember the little boy on Old Yeller? He's also on PollyAnna? You know - the little guy who was always a little mess, throwing rocks and climbing trees and teasing girls. You know, "Get away from me please little boy?" Oh - he was also Toby Tyler? Well, in my mind that is the epitome of boy and I never dreamed I would have one.
Look at the freckles on this kid? The fair skin and the lack of bottom that make him such a little red neck boy (it doesn't help that he wears boots with shorts). So - you're looking at this face and thinking "man, he is one atractive kid! Seriously - so sweet and good, what a good boy he is!" And you're right - he IS a good boy. But if you think that's the end of his story look at this:See? He's like an onion - layers baby, lots and lots of layers.


Heath 'n Jeri said...

Those are the most handsome layers ever! Wait, one doesn't normally wear boots and shorts? Happens all the time around here. :)

Erickson Fam said...

I love this kid!!